We believe in the power of People

We value your team members just as if they were our own. During our engagements, Pro-CI practitioners strive not only to build relationships, but also to improve the value of each team member within the organization through the transfer of knowledge in Lean methods, concepts, tools, and leadership. We work with you at each step to establish and prioritize quantifiable improvement objectives, customize projects, and clearly align improvement initiatives to your strategic plans.

We believe in the Voice of Customers

The voice of the customer is critical in determining value. Our practitioners are keenly aware of how important your customers are to the success of your business. This is why with any change in process, we always think from the customer’s perspective, not our own. Value delivered, not just perceived.

We work at point of impact

Process improvements are generally made at the point of contact with your customers. Our practitioners work shoulder-to-shoulder with client team members, who know first-hand where the roadblocks exist that hinder success. We do not work behind closed doors, but believe engagement at all levels, including senior management-led participation, are essential to success and critical in fostering teamwork and employee engagement.

We target the critical few

We follow the 80/20 rule. The skill, seniority, and experience of our practitioners is what enables us in asking the right questions and diagnosing challenges quickly. Perfect is the enemy of good, therefore we follow the 80/20 rule. Our framework of solutions address the critical issues that cause 80% of the problems - delivering ongoing improvements that are key to your success.

We believe in Sustainable Results

We provide training, facilitation and knowledge transfer to educate your leaders and team members in driving sustainable results. Your leaders must be able to lead in a lean environment to maintain change and continue to nurture a continuous improvement culture. Training and knowledge transfer are critical elements in every solution we deliver. Our training is grounded in Lean Sigma methodology, including the Toyota Production System. We provide training materials, content and licensing, mentoring, and lean certification programs for all levels.

Practitioner Experience

Utilizing skilled practitioners with combined experiences in many different industries is a key component in delivering improvements that our clients value. This allows us to “speak the language” of various industries, which is important to us and our clients when engaging people at all levels of the organization. Below are some of the industries our practitioners have worked in, or consulted for, during their careers. Click each segment for additional detail.

  • Casino Operations and Support functions
    Implemented Continuous Improvement (Lean) principles in all aspects of integrated resort operations including Gaming, Non-Gaming, Administrative and Technical.
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) – Service Standards
    Developed and/or re-defined service standards and processes to exceed guest expectations. Developed internal auditing processes, external guest surveying processes, and response analytics to continuously improve service.
  • Workforce Planning
    Established productivity drivers and subsequent standards to improve efficiency of service and financial performance through proper demand-based scheduling. Established Standardized Work for variable labor positions to improve consistency of service and scheduling of employees.
  • Luxury Properties
    Instrumental in assisting to achieve luxury service standards, including Forbes 5 Star ratings through process re-engineering, while simultaneously creating efficiencies in quality and delivery through process and workforce planning.
  • Economy Brands
    Re-engineered all processes including front desk, room cleaning, engineering, and inventory control for a multi-property (450+) economy hotel chain. Redefined management spans-of-control to improve employee and guest interactions and support with utmost efficiency.
  • Fine dining, Quick Service and Buffet Style Restaurants
    Re-design of restaurants – Quick Service (QSR), Buffet and Full Service/ Fine Dining – to improve customer flow and culinary production. Reduce food costs, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Integrated Resort Restaurants and Casino Floor Beverage
    Implementation of Standardized Work in front services and culinary areas to improve guest experience and productivity. Implement Kanban inventory management practices to reduce food & beverage waste and out-of-stock conditions. Assist in developing and implement revenue improvement concepts through structured problem solving and root cause analysis.
  • Ordnance Manufacturing
    Implementation of a Lean Transformation and Continuous Improvement culture to improve production capacity and on-time delivery to the end customer. Re-engineered production workflow through implementation of Kanban inventory management and visual factory / visual management processes.
  • Aluminum / Metal Products
    Primary focus on production smoothing through Heijunka, reduction of downtime through Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), finished goods inventory control, and 5S Workplace organization and discipline. Areas of manufacturing included cast house, extrusion, and finishing processes.
  • Automotive Airbag, Safety and Restraint Systems
    Assist in new plant opening of a 3rd tier supplier as a joint USA / Japan start-up company. Project management of the design, development, and implementation of automated production lines using Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to ensure optimized productivity and throughput with minimal rejects.
  • Renewable Energy – Onshore Wind (Global)
    Training and coaching in 8-step problem solving and A3 thinking for Onshore wind division. Applied Lean methodologies to bring efficiency within the Manufacturing and Construction proceses
  • Climate, Carbon-Credits and Environmental Impact (Global)
    Training and coaching in Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) methodology and structured problem solving. Development of operational proactive action plans to meet operational and strategic goals and objectives.
  • Insurance and Employee Benefits
    Applied Lean methods to define customer solution value streams, to improve efficiencies and quality of service. Establish marketing channels and processes for continued employee benefit services.
  • Administrative/ Backoffice (various industries)
    Develop, re-engineer / improve, and implement sustainable and efficient processes in many Transactional processes within Administrative / Back-office areas for multiple industries. Administrative / Back-office areas include, but are not limited to:
    • Human Resources
    • Payroll
    • AP/AR
    • Call Center (inbound/outbound)
    • Branding / Marketing
    • Customer Relations


The faster your organization can execute in a Lean environment, solve challenges, respond to opportunities, and exceed customer needs, the quicker it will realize its growth potential. Whether you engage us for a longer-term Lean business transformation or a short-duration Rapid Improvement (Kaizen) workshop, we focus on achieving rapid results to build momentum around the initiative. By quickly developing an organization-wide understanding of, and appreciation for continuous improvement, we help you drive and sustain execution excellence that will set you apart from your competitors.

LEAN Transformation

  • Executive Leadership training in Leading in a Lean Environment
  • Development of an internal Continuous Improvement (Lean) Business System
  • Development of an internal Continuous Improvement department structure
  • Access to all Lean training and facilitation materials to be come self-sufficient in Continuous Improvement
  • Capability building and knowledge transfer
    • Development of an internal certification process for CI Leaders and Specialists
    • Certification in Lean methods and tools in the Lean toolbox
    • Training in Demand-Based scheduling and Labor Management
  • Daily Management integration including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Metrics aligned to operational and strategic goals of the company
  • Communication and employee engagement processes (standardize and share)
  • Creation of an internal Lean Steering Committee
  • Committed resources from Pro-CI to ensure continuity and consistency
  • Duration of Pro-CI engagement: typically 12-18 months

Project based Structured Problem Solving

  • Designed for larger, complex problems and/or team capability building in creating a structured approach to problem solving
  • Follows the PDCA model with 8 Step Problem Solving process and deep analytics
  • Utilizes many Lean methods and tools where appropriate
  • A team typically consists of 5-8 cross-functional team members
  • Multiple projects can be facilitated congruently
  • Provides for one-on-one coaching when required for a more personal approach
  • Duration of Pro-CI engagement: typically 3-4 months per project

Rapid Improvement Workshops (KAIZEN)

  • Designed for specific opportunity identified as immediate need
  • Organizational, property-wide or departmental initiatives
  • Focused, Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) workshop
  • Standardize workflow and eliminate waste
  • Focus on Employee, Customer and Financial performance
  • Committed resources from Pro-CI to ensure continuity
  • Flexible scheduling based on client bandwidth and urgency of deployment
  • Duration of workshop: typically 5 days

Lean Certification and Knowledge transfer

  • Training and coaching in Lean methods and tools
  • Training and coaching typically conducted during Kaizen workshops
  • Academic, functional, and hands-on processes
  • Comprehensive written and oral certification test
  • Final certification under the supervisory of a Pro-CI practitioner
  • Flexible scheduling based on client bandwidth and urgency of deployment
  • Duration of certification process:
    • Lean Leader – 6-8 weeks of active engagement
    • Lean Specialist – 4-6 weeks of active engagement

Productivity and Labor Mgt. Solutions

  • Labor Management and Productivity KPI development
  • Demand Based Scheduling / Workforce optimization
  • Workforce planning KPI tracking and management
  • Duration of engagement typically 6+ weeks

Digital / Technology Integration

  • Digital Visual Management
  • Process Technology improvements
  • Labor Productivity and Trend Analytics (PAT)
  • Duration dependent on Scope

About us

At Pro-CI we help clients leverage lean process rigor rapidly augmenting operational excellence. We work at the point of impact to drive rapid results, accelerating your business performance, improving your employee engagement, enhancing customer service ethos, and making you more agile.
We started the business by introducing continuous improvement principles and techniques within the Integrated Resort industry. Many of us have experience as professionals within the IR industry giving us a unique competitive edge. Our combined backgrounds and experience as practitioners of Lean, Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement has shaped our approach in delivering a rapid implementation of robust and sustainable processes to drive our client’s business performance. We exist and thrive on helping our clients make dramatic gains in operational excellence, and converting these gains into sustainable, profitable growth.
Pro-CI is globally positioned to serve you where you operate, with local talent who speaks the local language in many cases. Our practitioners work with your team members at the point of impact, to evolve collaboratively customized solutions they can own – and sustain.

vision, mission, values

Be the preferred partner of choice for our client partners in value creation through quality of our services and prudence of our cost.

Provide exceptional services in Continuous Improvement and Strategy Deployment through transfer of knowledge and experience while working at the point of impact to drive rapid results and accelerate business performance.

Core Values
We incorporate honesty and integrity into our business practices.
We believe in loyal and dedicated partnerships with our clients.
We strive for meticulousness and precision in our own processes.


We deliver training and consult in multiple languages. This ensures that the concepts and tools are clear to the line staff – who at the point of impact deliver and execute, to sustain Continuous Improvement.

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